Consider Yourself One of Us!

We truly value our customers.  

We offer them high-quality, handcrafted products, as we say, with FEISTY FLAIR!  We also welcome custom orders, which many have successfully taken us up on.  

We consider the relationship with our customers as a "win-win."  They purchase our products for gifts or personal use, which will provide many lifetimes of functional pleasure.  

In return, a portion of their purchase is donated to animal rescues - either  their favorite animal rescue or one of our affiliated rescues like Best Friends Animal Society, P.A.W.S. Chicago, Save-A-Pet, and others.  We average over $1,200 annually in cash donations or donations of complimentary merchandise for their fund raising efforts.

One of the way we reward our customers is through our Feisty Dog PACK.  A pack is a dog's family, and we would LOVE to have you as part of ours!  

All it takes is visiting our "Join Our PACK" page and submitting your name and email address.  That information is kept ONLY by us.  It will NEVER BE SHARED with ANYONE but you will receive:

  • A $10 off discount code for your NEXT purchase - sent via email!
  • PACK ONLY sales, discounts, bonus FREEBIES, free shipping and MORE!
  • Monthly e-mail with advanced notice of NEW product offerings, show schedules, etc.
  • And MUCH MORE!

SUCH A DEAL!  We hope you sign up soon and join in on the fun!  We love to consider you as one of us! 



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