Made in America!

Long ago, the words in this title MEANT something.  It was the hallmark of design and production - something to be proud of and purchase!

Sadly, that phrase became tarnished.  A victim of cost containment, mass-production and a "disposable" culture, indoctrinated and reinforced by cheaper, lower quality products and "planned obsolescence."

But fortunately, there is a faction of small business entrepreneurs who work hard to make "MADE IN AMERICA" mean something again!  While some do it for the fun and pocket change, others have gone "all in." working countless hours, wearing many "hats" to run their businesses and "living the American dream!"

Like us, these people would love your business - for together we ALL can bring pride and moderate prosperity to the American business and the products they produce.

What to you get for this investment? A quality handcrafted product produced in America, that will probably last FAR LONGER than any mass-produced off-shore product.  

You'll probably be able to create your own, personal item for that special someone - rather than picking up the latest "me-too" gift from the big box stores

Moreover, you'll be investing in our nation.  Helping to support those small business who are trying to foster "MADE IN AMERICA."

And, that's a REAL "win-win" for ALL of U.S.!

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