'Tis the Season For Holiday Shopping...

As the leaves change color and drop, and the air changes from summer warmth to fall crispness, the holiday season approaches - as does the annual gift giving quandary. 

Sure, you can purchase mass-produced items that will please your recipient and check things off your list, but what about a hand crafted product - possibly custom made to your specifications - that is more personal, thoughtful and will probably delight your recipient - while showing them how much you think/care about them.

You are also supporting local artisans, who exercise and exhibit their creative talents for your consideration.  Many are small business owners, who attempt to make a living from their offerings through online stores, art/craft shows and sometimes "brick and mortar" stores.  

Purchasing from these folks is a "win-win."  You'll have a wonderful gift that will provide a lifetime of memories for you and the recipient and the artisan has earned some money that will hopefully sustain them and their families.

As you think about gifts for the holidays, or any reason, we hope you'll consider hand made products.  That's a gift that gives to all involved.

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