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Figured Cherry

Figured Cherry "Phi-Five" Heirloom Keepsake Box

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This particular box is named and designed with the Phi Ratio in mind. 

Phi is the basis for the Golden Ratio, Section or Mean. The ratio, or proportion, determined by Phi (1.618 …) was known to the Greeks as the “dividing a line in the extreme and mean ratio” and to Renaissance artists as the “Divine Proportion.”

To add to the intriguing design, the box and tray sides are inset at a five degree angle.  Following the five degree element, the various hardwoods strips that make up the lid (from outside edge in: Spalted Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Quarter-Sawn White Oak with book-matched Ambrosia Maple in the inside center of the lid.

The box crafted from 1/2" thick Cherry, selected for its unique grain and character.  The tray is crafted from 1/2" Hickory (also cut at a five degree angle) with Mahogany finger lift.  The box and tray have padded synthetic antique leather bottoms.

The plinth around the bottom is created from Mahogany, with a five degree "V" shape cut into the front and back.

Brusso JB102 solid brass hinges and five coats of hand-applied varnish complete this heirloom piece.

This is an outstanding gift idea for ANY special occasion (wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.) that is a one-of-a kind piece for that special someone - or yourself.

Outside: 13-7/8 " long, 9-3/8" wide and 7" tall.
Inside Tray: 6-3/8" long, 6-7/8" wide and 1-7/8" tall.

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